Descripción de la imagen
Descripción de la imagen

Ochain is an innovative product giving us all the requirements to be considered an innovative start-up. Totally designed and engineered by us through the filing of 5 patents.

patent list

External adjustment PCT/IT2022/000026 IBW

Endstroke and treatments PCT/IT2022/000033 IBW

lockout PCT/IT2022/000039 IBW

Ochain•E PCT/IB2022/059847 IBW

These patents allow us to have access to and protection of our technology and to be able to continue to constantly innovate.

Our goal is to play an important role of the MTB world by bringing innovation and a new concept of riding experience. that's why we are open to develop any kind of parthership to make our technology more and more accessible and open the way to even more impactful innovations.

if you have a parthership to propose with our technology write us at